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The CHC research group owes its formation in 2005 to an initiative by Univ. Prof. Dr. Volker Höck, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wohlmayr († 2019) and Univ. Ass. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Vetters († 2017) (all: University of Salzburg). Coordination of operative activities and project development: Mag. Kurt Schaller (archaeology, † 2012) und Dr. Christian Uhlir (geology).

Since 2007 mineralogist Dr. Michael Unterwurzacher is part of the group and is running a number of archaeometric projects, IT specialist Jakob Egger is responsible for database programming.

From 2009 to 2013 Mag. Felix Gründer joined the group as historian and IT specialist.

In 2010 Christian Uhlir was appointed administrative coordinator of the working group and Mag. Doris Knauseder (archaeology) joined as an administrative assistant.

In 2013, Andreas Sanders joined with responsibilities photography, intellectual property rights, user engagement and Wikimedia software development.


The CHC unit is located at the Department of Geography & Geology, Faculty of Natural Sciences (NAWI), University of Salzburg. Show plan


Currently CHC is financed exclusively by 3rd party project funding. In the medium term, a stand-alone base funding is a goal. This will provide sustainable operations and makes it possible to keep web resources up-to-date.

Having adequate financing will also enable CHC to work on non-funded projects (e.g. scientific databases, open data projects, etc).

Funding structure:

  • Seed funding, granted by the principal of the University of Salzburg, Univ-Prof. Dr. Heinrich Schmidinger (Autumn 2005)
  • Project funding by the European Union / initiation of and participation in European projects (e.g. HISTORIC QUARRIES / FRONTIERS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE)
  • National scientific project funding (e.g. FWF project FACEM)
  • Private project funding (OMYA)
  • Creation of Information Systems for public/scientific institutions (e.g. AIS-OOE / MAIN LIMES MUSEUMS)