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AIS–St. Pölten

APART: Provenancing of Marbles

Arch. Museums in Bavaria

Bankett & Grab


Danube Limes

Danube Limes Brand

EMS - glass analysis

Europeana - Eagle Project


Natural Stone in Facade Cladding

FRE - Austria

FRE - International

FRE - Slovakia

Hispania Epigraphica

Historic Quarries

Marbles from Aguntum

Marbles from Carnuntum

Nachlass S. Leber

Salzburger Kulturlexikon

Saxa Loquuntur

Scanning Translucent Objects

Stone monuments from Iuvavum

Stone – Relief – Inscription

Teaching Projects

Tiles / Vindobona

Main Limes Museums

Archaeological museums in the web Modules for an information system for the archaeological museums in Bavaria

This information system offers a consistent and integrated view on archaeological museums and collections in their context with regionals and supraregional monuments and archaeological sites. The website is fully bilingual (German / English)

The module based system was created for Archäologische Staatsammung (Dr. Bernd Steidl) and Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, Landesstelle für die nichtstaatlichen Museen in Bayern (Dr. Christof Flügel), both Munich, Bavaria Funding: Bayerische Sparkassenstiftung.

Further regions of the Bavarian Limes are scheduled to follow.

English version of the Mainlimes information system. Description of a museum including routing, focal points and important finds with contextual links to archaeological sites.