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Macroscopic view "Nagelfluh"
Thin section of a marble sample

Archaeometrical Analysis & Archaeometrical Information Systems

Works are focused on the petrographical, mineralogical and geochemical analysis of stone materials, ceramics and glass.

Scientific interpretations are intended to help answering questions at the point of contact between science and classics:

• provenience, processing, and use of mineral raw materials for the production and distribution of material goods • analysis of materials for the determination of historical trade relations, transport routes and production centers • the influence of bedrock and geological processes on regional and superregional cultural developments

Awarded Research Project

In 2010 CHC staff member MMag.Dr. Michael Unterwurzacher was awarded the highly reputed APART scholarship for his project New mineralogical and geochemical approaches to provenancing eastern-Alpine marbles.

Annual Congress

CHC is co-organiser of the annual ÖSTERREICHISCHER ARCHÄOMETRIEKONGRESS (since 2009).