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== Bankett und Grab ==
== Bankett und Grab ==
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'''Database for the FWF projekt [ Bankett und Grab]" (Nr. P 20953-G02)'''<br />
'''Database for the FWF projekt [ Bankett und Grab]" (Nr. P 20953-G02)'''<br />

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Bankett & Grab


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Bankett und Grab

Database for the FWF projekt Bankett und Grab" (Nr. P 20953-G02)

In the course of the project a web database is being developed and further on maintained. The data can be administrated via a client-server solution based on FileMaker Server 10 Pro. The application is being hosted by ITS, University of Salzburg.

Funding by

Project partners: Institut für Alte Geschichte und Altertumskunde, Papyrologie und Epigraphik, University of Vienna (coordination by Petra Amman, project staff Tina Mitterlechner) and Institut für Kulturgeschichte der Antike, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (coordination by Peter Ruggendorfer, project staff Agnes Nordmeyer)

User interface of the web based data administration