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AIS–St. Pölten

APART: Provenancing of Marbles

Arch. Museums in Bavaria

Bankett & Grab


Danube Limes

Danube Limes Brand

EMS - glass analysis

Europeana - Eagle Project


Natural Stone in Facade Cladding

FRE - Austria

FRE - International

FRE - Slovakia

Hispania Epigraphica

Historic Quarries

Marbles from Aguntum

Marbles from Carnuntum

Nachlass S. Leber

Salzburger Kulturlexikon

Saxa Loquuntur

Scanning Translucent Objects

Stone monuments from Iuvavum

Stone – Relief – Inscription

Teaching Projects

Tiles / Vindobona

FACEM – Provenance Studies on Pottery in the Central Mediterranean

The development of the FACEM Expert System, dealing with the classification of sherd types for the provenience analysis of ancient ceramics, is lead by Prof. Verena Gassner, Institute of Classical Archaeology, University of Vienna; project staff: Maria Trappichler, Silvia Radbauer, Ireen Kowallek et al.

The project was supported by: FWF Project 20597, Österreichische Nationalbank, Jubiläumsfonds, Project no. 14303.

Currently an archaeometric tool for the provenancing of ceramics using petrographical and geochemical methods is under development, supported by FWF 25046, lead by Dr. Babett Bechtold.

Acting as a national research partner CHC develops an XPS (expert system) that supports the archaeologists in dealing with large amounts of heterogeneous data and serves as an environment for net based publication.

Screenshot of the web application: datasheet of a fabric type