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== FRE - Slovakia ==

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AIS–St. Pölten

APART: Provenancing of Marbles

Arch. Museums in Bavaria

Bankett & Grab


Danube Limes

Danube Limes Brand

EMS - glass analysis

Europeana - Eagle Project


Natural Stone in Facade Cladding

FRE - Austria

FRE - International

FRE - Slovakia

Hispania Epigraphica

Historic Quarries

Marbles from Aguntum

Marbles from Carnuntum

Nachlass S. Leber

Salzburger Kulturlexikon

Saxa Loquuntur

Scanning Translucent Objects

Stone monuments from Iuvavum

Stone – Relief – Inscription

Teaching Projects

Tiles / Vindobona

FRE - Slovakia

Web based information system for "Rímsky Limes a Slovensko – The Roman Limes in Slovakia"
Concept and realisation of the Slovakian website (bilingual user interfaces, databases, interactive cartography). Supported by the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union.

Partners: FRE – Historic Scottland / Slovakian Academy of Sciences, Nitra (Dr. Jan Rajtar) / Múzeum mesta Bratislavy ( Dr. Jaroslava Schmidtová, Mag. Katarína Harmadyová)

Supported by the Culture 2000 program of the European Union

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