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Nachlass S. Leber

Photos from the legacy of Siegfried Paul Leber

A co-operation of the Department of Ancient History and Archaeology, Institute of History, University of Klagenfurt with CHC - University of Salzburg.

Leber's legacy consists of a large number of historic photos showing Roman and medieval stone monuments and various other historic sites mainly from Tyrol and Carinthia, taken in the 40ies, 50ies and 60ies of the last century. In this cooperation project a spatial limited regional research project performed in Carinthia (Ass. Prof. Dr. Renate Lafer) interacts with an international web based corpus (Ubi Erat Lupa, CHC - University of Salzburg). Both sides draw benefit from this cooperation: the legacy-project can outsource all it's catalogue to the online corpus, the corpus will receive new or upgraded data from the research project.

Administration of photos from the legacy of S. P. Leber. Database frontend designed on basis of FileMaker Pro in 2010 by CHC.