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The CHC research group owes its formation in 2005 to an initiative by Univ. Prof. Dr. [ Volker Höck], Prof. Dr. [ Wolfgang Wohlmayr] and Univ. Ass. Prof. Dr. [ Wolfgang Vetters] (all: University of Salzburg).
Coordination of operative activities and project development: Mag. Kurt Schaller (archaeology, †2012) und Dr. [ Christian Uhlir] (geology).
Since 2007 mineralogist Dr. [ Michael Unterwurzacher] is part of the group and is running a number of archaeometric projects, IT specialist [ Jakob Egger] is responsible database programming.
From 2009 to 2013 Mag. [ Felix Gründer] joined the group as historian and IT specialist.
In 2010 Christian Uhlir was appointed administrative coordinator of the working group and Mag. [ Doris Knauseder] (archaeology) joined as an administrative assistant.
In 2013, [ Andreas Sanders] joined with responsibilities photography, intellectual property rights, user engagement and Wikimedia software development.
The CHC unit is located at the Department of Geography & Geology, Faculty of Natural Sciences (NAWI), University of Salzburg. [ Show plan]
Currently CHC is financed exclusively by 3rd party project funding.
In the medium term, a stand-alone base funding is a goal. This will provide sustainable operations and makes it possible to keep web resources up-to-date.
Having adequate financing will also enable CHC to work on non-funded projects (e.g. scientific databases, open data projects, etc).
====Funding structure:====
*Seed funding, granted by the principal of the University of Salzburg, Univ-Prof. Dr. Heinrich Schmidinger (Autumn 2005)
*Project funding by the European Union / initiation of and participation in European projects (e.g. [ HISTORIC QUARRIES] / [ FRONTIERS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE])
*National scientific project funding (e.g. FWF project [ FACEM])<br />
*Private project funding ([ OMYA])<br />
*Creation of Information Systems for public/scientific institutions (e.g. [ AIS-OOE] / [ MAIN LIMES MUSEUMS])<br />

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