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Saxa Loquuntur

Saxa Loquuntur is a powerful data administration environment for web ressources concerning antique quarries and archaeometric analyses of ancient monuments. It includes macroscopic descriptions, thin sections, geo-chemical data... The access to Saxa Loquuntur is currently limited to data administration staff.

It is intended to include a possibly large number of data concerning archaeological/historical and geo-scientifical information on rock materials deriving from the territory of the former Roman empire.

The data will be also linked to diverse monument databases (e.g. Ubi Erat Lupa) and it will have an interactive cartographic user interface for data exploration.

Targeted fields of interest for this application are: archaeometry, archaeology, geology, history of art, history of trade and economy and crafts concerned with the preservation of monuments.

Diagram of the saxa-loquuntur database system.

A current implementation of data deriving from Saxa Loquuntur can be viewed at:

Saxa loquuntur is developed in cooperation with BSB - Bavarian State Library. It was started in the the course of the Stone-Relief-Inscription project 2006/2007, was redesigned and extended during the Historic Quarries project and is now being sponsored from 2008 to 2012 by OMYA, an international mining company: Omya-logo.gif