CHC:Stone monuments from Iuvavum

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Stone monuments from Iuvavum

Iuvavum – Roman Stone Monuments in the Bavarian-Austrian Borderland

Roman stone monuments and quarries used in antiquity in their local and supra-regional relationship. This project is (among others) based on STONE - RELIEF – INSCRIPTION and offers additional detailed information concerning monuments and regional historic issues.

Partners: Bavarian State Library (Dr. Stephan Kellner, coordination) und CHC – Universität Salzburg in cooperation with Salzburg Museum (Dr. Wilfried Kovacsovics / Dr. Raimund Kastler) and OÖLM (Dr. Christine Schwanzar). Project controlling by Dr. Christoph Flügel, Bayrisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege.

Access to the website is also provided via BLO - Bayerische Landesbibliothek Online

Online: from January 2008, now archived in cooperation with Austria Forum, which hosts a copy of the site at [1]

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